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Our Value Preposition
  • Our PIM Data preparation solution Accord 360 accommodates unique data models, thereby supporting major ERP and PIM applications.

  • Our modeling feature helps business users in defining the PIM Data dictionary in the most creative approach, thereby reducing manual efforts and potential inconsistencies.

  • Cleanse the PIM data dictionary components taxonomy, unique identifiers, multi-country, multi-value, entity types, attributes, and reference data by applying validation rules specific to a customer’s requirements.

  • We reuse and repurpose solutions from various PIM projects to reduce implementation time and cost.

  • We partner with leading subject matter experts, data validators, and significant application vendors.

Our Mission

Simplify Projects
We’re excited to simplify master data projects using our software Accord 360.
We Serve
We Serve retail, medical devices, life science, industrial tools & hardware and food processing.
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tallented business & investment

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We are the best investment company and we are open for cooperation.

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We are the solution for organizations that must retire and / or Merge legacy ERP and PIM applications

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